About LJAlley

About Me

My interests in gaming and the gaming community that I love, became the inspiration and foundation of my store LJAlley. In 2018, LJAlley was created because I wanted a place where I can provide high quality anime, gaming, pop culture designs as stickers, vinyls or decals and also provide services to this community.  Although, I mainly have fan art I plan to create original art in the future.  Requests for commissions are welcomed. Please message me for information at any of my social links below (email preferred).  

I started doing Artist Alley Pop Up Shops in early 2019, at gaming tournaments and anime conventions and plan to do many more in the future! I am truly grateful for all my supporters, customers, and so happy to be part of this wonderful community!  

Thank You, Lauren Jackson (LJAlley)

Fun Fact:  I am a live streamer on twitch you can check me out here:)


Contact Info

Email: Lauren@Ljalley.com

Instagram: @LJAlley_

Twitter: @LJAlley_  

Twitch: Twitch.tv/LjskatergirlTV